When it comes to Collection Agencies, Debt Recovery Services and Accounts Receivable MTA is the one stop shop. Account Recovery is what we do and we do it better than any agency in the industry.




MTA offers advanced collections technologies, comprehensive collection programs, online client account access and many locator services. With our Client Access we give complete account transparency to our clients so they know exactly what is happening on every account they place with our office. This will ensure that all our clients’ accounts are being handled to their satisfaction.
Communication between our collection agency and our clients is fundamental to implementing a successful strategy that accomplishes the desired result. Our commitment to the clients and their feedback is critical to our operations. We have a “firm but fair” policy when dealing with your customers this helps maintain respect for us and our clients.
MTA has a good history of working closely with our investors in developing programs that meet their specific needs. We help our investors realize a higher return to keep their porfolios in order. Our collection agency will work with any investment size.  We are the leader in investments for Account Receivables 


For years, Our Collection Agency MTA has been helping the bottom line of our clients by taking over the time consuming task of their accounts receivables.  We are a full service, licensed and insured collection agency offering both third party collections as well as account receivable consulting. Our Collection Agency provide you a  web access to your accounts so you can see every detail of what we are doing to recovery every last one of your accounts. With our Collection Agency we have earned the trust of every one of our clients including many medical practices, loan companies, banks giving us one of the most solid reputations in the industry.  At our Collection Agency specialize in recovering delinquent accounts or financial institutions, dental practices, doctors offices, debt brokers, auto finance companies, healthcare organizations, title loan companies, payday lenders, pawn brokers, and student loan companies.

Our Collection Agency has several customized recovery strategies based on each of our clients’ needs. These delivers extraordinary results while mitigating problems and protecting our clients’ reputations. Our success is made by establishing a relationship by conducting ourselves with complete professionalism.

Founded by a team of experts with decades of account receivable management experience in debt collections, delinquent consumer loans, and medical collections, MTA is designed to deliver maximum results, client and customer satisfaction as a invaluable partner in your account recovery management process.

Our Collection Agency implements a variety of services and strategies for the recovery of delinquent accounts. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. Every client has different needs and requirements from a Collection Agency. Though most collection agencies will package all accounts into one massive campaign, we will use the most efficient, and effective procedures to increase collections for the individual client. With a combination of new innovations and constantly changing of progressive strategies our Collection Agency will make sure every portfolio will be liquidated efficiently. At MTA no job is too big or too small for our collection agency
Our strategies are client driven and custom tailored with strict controls on quality assurance. We hire, train, and keep only the most qualified individuals who understand and comprehend every aspect of laws that regulate and govern every state in which we collect in. Our technology and equipment are completely integrated to elevate our efficiency for our clients. Our Collection Agencies primary focus is to maximize the return to each client and help prevent future losses.

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Some of your options:

1. Let our Collection Agency buy your bad debt. We can offer to purchase all of you delinquent accounts directly from you.

2. Our Collection Agency can work on a contingency basis for you.

3. Our Collection Agency can set up a remote collections department for your company. We can manage your collections office from our Collection Agency as a remote extension of your office.

If you are interested in a consultation, need further information about our collection agency, or have portfolios you would like recovered. TODAY!!!!, please contact our client relations department at Phone: (620) 206-4153 or send us a message with the form by clicking here.


“I recommend placing any of your bad accounts with MTA. I had several judgments on past due clients and they helped to enforce the garnishment for me. Within a month the entire bill was paid. They recovered 68% of all the accounts I gave them and 100% of the judgments.”                                                                                             Client – One happy landlord

“After receiving many calls from MTA I answered the phone. I expected to be yelled at or talked down to but was treated very fairly. I explained I was on government assistance and had two kids, with no help. They reduced my bill and let me break the payments up to less than $40 a month. I just wish they all would understand the everyday struggles.                                                                                            Debtor – T. S. Johnson

“The results I get from MTA is unbelievable. I just enter any new bad checks I receive through there website and they go right to work. Thanks Matthew Thomas & Associates for a great job.”                                                                                               Client – Mr. Nguyen

I used to place all my accounts with a very expensive Attorney’s office. They charged me all sorts of upfront fees. MTA only charged me a percentage of what they collected. It didn’t cost a dime to hire them. I have told anyone needing help to call them.                                                                                               Client – local doctor

I was skeptical of putting my accounts with a collection agency but MTA has taken care of my company from start to finish.  They work fast and have a good understanding of how to maintain our customer base.  What a great collection agency.                                                                                                                              Client – Mr. Yu

Our Company began using MTA collection agency services in spring 2013. We have experienced nothing but continued success on our outstanding debts owed by our clients and continues to utilize their services for superior results. Despite the industry of which we do business, we too find our clients owing our company money on previously completed services. MTA is a great company that has helped us obtain those outstanding debts in a professional and timely manner.                                                                                                                           Client – Mrs. Bolandi

Collection Service
Collection Service
Collection Service
I used to place all my accounts with a very expensive Attorney’s office. They charged me all sorts of upfront fees. MTA only charged me a percentage of what they collected. It didn’t cost a dime to hire them. I have told anyone needing help to call them
4.7 / 5 stars


If you are looking for a much faster rapid recovery  alternative than Transworld Collection Agency or other larger collections agency’s look no further than MTA.  We offer a much more hands on approach to every account you send over. Many companies are switching to our debt recovery service we are your Medical collection Agency, Dental Collection Agency, Roofing Collection Agency, Rental Collection Agency, Business Collection Agency, Hospital Collection Agency, Medical Center Collection Agency, Construction Collection Agency, and Credit Union Collection Agency.  We use many locator tools to help locate and recover your accounts receivables and past due accounts.