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Matthew Thomas & Associates has a good history of working closely with our clients in developing programs that meet their specific needs. We help our clients realize a higher return to keep their accounts receivables and returned checks in order.

Communication between Matthew Thomas & Associates and our clients is fundamental to implementing a successful strategy that accomplishes the desired result. Our commitment to our clients and their feedback is critical to our operations. We have a "firm but fair" policy when dealing with your customers, this helps maintain respect for us and our clients.

Client Benefits

Matthew Thomas & Associates specializes in the handling and processing of worthless checks and defaulted contracts. We also offer advanced technologies, comprehensive training programs, online client account access and many locator services. With our client access we give complete account transparency to our clients so they can track each file through our extensive review process and know exactly what is happening on every account they place with our office. This will ensure that all our clients’ accounts are being handled to their satisfaction.

We adhere to the stringent ethical requirements promulgated by the Supreme Courts in every State in which we practice.


Our programs are client driven and custom made with an emphasis on quality assurance. We hire, train, and retain the most highly qualified individuals who comprehend and understand all aspects of laws and regulations governing each state in which we practice. Our technology and software are fully integrated to maximize our efficiency for our clients. Our main focus is to utilize the laws to maximize the return to each client for the losses endured and help prevent further loss .
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